Legal Minimum Gambling Age In Reno, NV In 2024

Reno Casino DiceThis guide will specifically address the legal minimum gambling age in Reno, as well as available games. Reno, Nevada is the state’s biggest small town and with several gambling opportunities available to Reno residents and city visitors, this city provides all of the fun of Vegas with less of the crowd. All legally authorized gambling forms available in Reno are only accessible by players who are at least 21 years of age or older.

Below we breakdown the brick and mortar and online gambling entertainment opportunities available to Reno’s residents and visitors and explain Reno’s legal gambling age regulations.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age For Casinos, Poker Rooms, and Sportsbooks Located in Reno?

Reno offers numerous commercial and tribal-owned physical gambling establishments to 21 year-olds. Reno Online casinos often offer similar games like table games, video poker, slots, keno, craps, baccarat, and roulette, among others.

  • Casino Gambling
  • Charitable Gambling on lotteries, bingo, and casino nights
  • Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Pari-mutuel Wagering on Horses
  • Poker
  • Social Gambling
  • Sports Betting

Online Gambling In Reno

The state of Nevada authorizes two forms of online gambling for players located in the state to participate in. In addition, the state has not written any laws explicitly prohibiting domestic access to licensed offshore and Reno mobile online gambling sites. Therefore, Reno players have two avenues to access online gambling legally, either through state-licensed and based online portals or through licensed offshore gaming sites.

Reno’s Minimum Age For Domestic Online Gambling

Nevada-authorized and licensed online gambling operators can legally service Reno players and be based in the state. The state regulates domestic gambling by licensing these operators and holding them accountable for following state-mandated gaming laws, including enforcing the state’s legal minimum gambling age of 21. Reno’s available domestic internet gambling options include:

Reno’s Legal Age For Offshore Online Gambling In 2024

Licensed offshore gambling operations is not a crime in Reno since neither the state nor the US federal government has no laws written to prohibit it. At this time, the US federal government must abide by free trade laws and allow legitimately licensed offshore online operators to service willing American players.

The list of offshore Reno-friendly gambling sites below are the best in the online industry and are safe, reputable options for Reno players to gamble on. Licensed offshore online casinos can accept Reno players as young as 18 since they can establish their own minimum gambling age policies. This allows young Reno players to enjoy gambling options too.

However, we need to point out that the state’s gambling laws require players to be 21, therefore it is possible that players between 18 and 20 years of age may be violating underage gambling laws by gambling offshore.

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Is It Illegal To Gamble At Offshore Sites Online In 2024?

No, so long as the state in which you are playing does not have any specific laws prohibiting domestic access to licensed offshore online gambling sites, such as Nevada. Most US states do not, except for Washington and Connecticut. The federal government does not prohibit access to gambling on licensed offshore sites either.

Why Is Reno’s Legal Gambling Age 21?

All of Nevada’s forms of gambling require participants to be at least twenty-one years old. Bills which have been submitted to the NV legislature regarding lowering the gambling age from 21 to 18 have all been dead on arrival.

Many lawmakers, gambling organizations, and casino owners are against changing the minimum age. Most in the industry do not believe that lowering the age will produce a significant increase in revenue, another issue being the bottlenecking and reduced experience for cocktail servers to card everyone who requests a drink.

What Forms of Gambling Are Considered Illegal In Reno?

The state of Nevada and city of Reno do not authorize the domestic operation of unlicensed gambling activities based within the state’s borders. All online and physical operators serving NV and Reno players must apply for licensing by the state, or their operations are considered illegal. It is important to only gamble at licensed and regulated establishments to remain safe and not violate any gambling laws.

The state has also not authorized online casino gambling domestically, and thus illegal operations for online casino gambling in the state are hit the hardest. The state worries legalizing reno online casinos would cannibalize brick and mortar casino venues.